Job: Vice President - Operations

Directs and executes team and player registration process. Directs and manages all data and technology aspects of the organization. Establishes and maintains processes for team and player statistics and communicates updates to the all stakeholders. Oversees marketing and social media platforms (websites) and is responsible for maintenance and improvements. As a member of the Executive Board he/she holds one vote in proposed disciplinary sanctions of players equal to or greater than one month (i.e. a month to the date sanction of June 5th to July 5th suspension). A simple majority vote of the Executive Board is needed to pass a disciplinary sanction equal to or greater than one month and in the event of a tie vote on two or more different proposed sanctions the President holds a second tie-breaking vote.

– William Antunez

Dedicated to growing soccer opportunities through building teams since his arrival to Akron in 2004. His philosophy “Everyone should have a place to play” welcomed players from all backgrounds to join the teams he helped build. Contact Wiliam to help you find a place to play.

Phone: 330.701.7896