Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register a team?

New and returning teams can register on our website as soon as registration is open.

How do I register players?

New players must register on the website under the registration section. Returning can be registered by a team manager request to Jovan Thompson.

What is the legal age to play?

Players under 18 born in 2004 are eligible to play with a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. The form is available on the website.

How many players can I register?

Player registration is unlimited. It’s advised to have a roster of 23 committed individuals to balance adequate playtime for everyone without risking being short players for a game.

Do I need to bring paperwork to my games?

No. The passes for each game are accessed on our website. Team managers may also submit a complaint electronically on the website after a game.


How can I pay my fees?

All fees are paid electronically either via credit card or cash transfer apps paypal at:

  1. Paypal:
  2. Venmo: @AkronPremierLeague

What is the fee for a season?

Fees vary by team because of number of players, field selection, outstanding credits, rewards, etc. Contact Jennifer Johnson for detailed information on fees.


Can I cancel my game?

Game cancellations by a team are automatically forfeit. Teams who cancel a game will forfeit their game by 3-0, and cover game fees. An additional $100 fee is added for no a no show to a game. Games might be rescheduled under special circumstances only deemed by the APL board. Teams must submit their request to reschedule a game in writing 3 weeks prior to the game along with their $100 reschedule request fee.

Can a player stay if receiving a red card?

No. Red carded players must leave the facility and area of play immediately after being ejected. Players who fail to leave can cause the forfeit of their team if a player stays for longer than 10 minutes after being ejected. Team captains must ask the referee to stop the game for a forfeit once 10 minutes have passed. Players who are carded during the final championship match might stay or return to the ceremony under the match official discretion.

What happens if my player gets injured during a game?

Every registered player is covered by insurance through the league. To use the insurance, team managers must fill out the form available on the website and submit it within 30 days of the injury date. An agent from the insurance company will contact the player to provide information on their claim.


When are the meetings, and do I need to attend?

There are two mandatory one-hour meetings per calendar year. A $25 fine will be issued to any team that fails to have a representative present for at least 45 minutes.